Robbins Nest For Children offers long term care that helps young men or women with serious emotional disturbance over come personal obstacles, encourage youth in learning self-control and self-discipline through appropriate Social Skills Training.


  • Robbins Nest For Children will always remain in good standing with the State of Texas by complying with all state laws and will report all requirements regarding the minimum standards and laws.

Our Staff

  • Supervised behaviorally challenged youth, including children with Autism, and severe ADHD

  • Provided accurate and detailed records of incidents on a daily basis.

  • Responsible for ensuring proper usage and care of facility property. 

  • Attended instructional classes for continuing education for the treatment and care of disabled children. 

  • Successfully collaborated with a team of staff to ensure a stable, safe and functional daily living.

  • Assisted with students during special education class sessions.

  • Plan, coordinate, and implement emergency/disaster plans

Director of Staff

Marvin Manning

  • Direct and lead childcare staff in the daily performance of duties

  • Ensure all elements of childcare program meet licensing board standards

  • Develop, amend and execute programs, policies and procedures to meet requirements of licensing agency 

  • Maintain the safety of properties and safeguards moneys of facility

  • Plan and schedule therapeutic activities

  • Coordinate and implement group focus, group living skills, group support and personal behavior management

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