Who We Are

Our Purpose

Robbins Nest For Children is designed to support children and adolescent boys 7-15 years old struggling with mental health and behavioral issues. We recognize each child and adolescent has potential therefore we designed a program which helps them harness their passions.
Robbin’s Nest For Children’s resident will receive individual, groups and family therapy as well
as psych-educational group such as dialectical behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy.

Additionally, residents will engage in experimental groups such as art and psychodrama
therapies. Our success happens when clients leave in greater harmony with themselves and
their families. Our staff professionals are committed to building a program to fit each child’s
needs. Different workgroups were also developed to help caregivers. Our purpose is to fulfill
the requirement of providing or assisting residents youth age 14 or older in obtaining
experiential life-skills training to improve their transition to independent living.

Model and Philosophy

We believe that therapeutic work with children and adolescents best occurs through the
development of individualized treatment programs which are administered in a caring and
supportive environment. Robbins Nest For Children RTC uses intensive psychotherapies and
cognitive and emotional skill building to assist each participant in developing the skills required
to relate constructively to his/her environment.

Through program participation, children learn to change dysfunctional patterns of behavior, interaction, and communication in order to lead successful lives in their homes and community. The support system professional and families is an essential part of successful treatment and must take an active role in the therapy process.

Providing flexible, individualized therapy, testing and counseling services. Robbins Nest For
Children staff professionals who are committed to building a program to fit each child’s needs. Each child is invited into a caring environment at the facility, where they receive structure, compassion, education, and coping skills. The ultimate goal of the Robbin’s Nest For Children is to guide and nurture each child into the best living situation possible, whether that means a return to the biological family, a loving foster home, or transitioning into independence.

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